1. Experience
The company CEO and developer of the C.P.I. Academy programs has over 14 years experience in training development and implementation in Fortune 500 companies both domestically and internationally.  to learn more about our executive team, trainers and consultants, please see our About Us page.
2. Reputation
  • If your an individual looking to increase your professional competiveness by obtain C.P.I. certifications and credentials it is critically important to understand that when a company is looking to hire a C.P.I. professional, they don’t just look at where an individual was trained and certified but more importantly WHO they were trained and certified by. As such, it is important to obtain training and certification from a known MBB as MBB who are part of the hiring process will reach out to the MBB and C.P.I. community and their own personal networks to see if your instructor is known or not.  It is also important to be trained and certified through a company that is will to “stand by you” and your certification(s) by having both the instructor and a senior executive endorse you publically like via LinkedIn.  At the C.P.I. Group and Academy we do exactly that.
  • If you are a company looking for a 3rd party provider to handle your in house Lean Management, Lean Six Sigma or Six Sigma training and certification program(s), you want to ensure you work with someone who has successful experience with tangle results developing and handling your in house training and certification requirements.  The instructors from the C.P.I. Group have years of experience doing just that in multiple industries across all business lines.
  • If you are a company looking to implement a CoE, Lean Management, Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma, BPM or Change Management program you want to work with individuals who have proven experience at successful implementations.  At the C.P.I. Group, we have had successful implementations within numerous companies both domestically and internationally.
3. Cost Point
Compared with our competitors, our:
  • Training programs are 50% – 80 % less expensive and provide more detailed instruction
  • We charge flat rates for our coaching and consulting services:
    • Master Black Belts – $125/hr
    • Black Belts – $110/hr
4. Ongoing Support
Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our alumni and business clients. As such we offer numerous ongoing support programs to ensure a mutually beneficial long term business relationship.