The C.P.I. Group was founded by industry veteran Richard Hanzl, a Business Performance  Improvement Executive and certified MBB with over 14 years’ experience in designing and deploying C.P.I. programs both domestically and internationally across multiple industry’s.

The company was launched with the primary goals of providing the following business critical services to individuals and companies of all sizes at a rate that makes financially accessible to all:

  1. Professional project management and operational management training and certification programs based on programs implemented in actual companies and not just theory
  2. Professional C.P.I. consulting services
  3. Professional coaching
  4. Personal coaching

Below you will find Richard’s professional credentials to include some key highlights.


  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Staff Training & Coaching
  • Cost Reduction & Avoidance
  • Relationship Building & Management
  • Multi-regional Program Management
  • Key Performance Metrics Development & Monitoring
  • Operations Analysis / Process Redesign / Process Design
  • PMO Implementation & Management

Professional Experience

Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking (SGCIB) – La Defense, France

Director – Global Continuous Process Improvement (9/2010 to 10/2013)

Served as the lead Change Agent and Senior Global Master Black Belt for the second largest French financial services company, guiding the process transformation, change management, and continuous improvement programs.

Selected Contributions:

♦       Key Projects for the Office of The COO

-       End-to-end NBI optimization program resulting in a cycle time of 52% and defects reduction of 67%.

-       3rd party provider and vendor management standardization program improving operational efficiency by 47% and cost reduction of 33%.

-       Centralized PMO implementation resulting in the reduction of the average project execution time from 18 months to 7 months with a 90% improvement in deliverable quality.

-       Executed 2 programs & 7 projects for the Office of the COO with a total savings of 5.5MM Euro

♦       Key Projects for Accounting & Finance (ACFI)

-       ACFI global re-organization initiative resulting in eliminating the need to hire an additional 47 FTE.

-       ACFI Continuous Performance Improvement program institutionalizing a change management approach, the Lean Management team and Lean Six Sigma programs, as well as the establishment a new Global Process Owner (GPO) program.

-       Global monthly financial risk reporting improving quality of reports by 78% and reducing cycle time by 4.5 days.

-       Executed 3 programs and 11 projects for ACFI with a total savings of 2.8MM Euro

♦       Key Projects for Information Technology (ITEC)

-       IT and Business PMO integration program delivering a reduction in project execution time by 42% and reducing UAT defects by 77%.

-       Executed the FO defect reduction program resulting in the reduction of reconciliation expense by 7 FTE.

-       Executed 1 program and 4 projects for ITEC with a total savings of 1.25MM Euro

Societe Generale Corporate & INVESTMENT Banking – New York, New York

Director – AMER Center of Excellence Co-deployment Manager (4/2008 to 9/2010)

Established the AMER Center of Excellence to include resource identification and training as well as custom designing the Lean Six Sigma training and certification programs for North, South and Latin America’s.

Selected Contributions:

♦       Key Projects for the Office of The CEO (Risk, Audit, HR, COM, Legal)

-       Know Your Customer (KYC) process optimization and defect reduction program resulting in a 75% reduction in cycle time and a 78% defect reduction.

-       Executed the Risk and Audit optimization and standardization program resulting in 100% compliance in standardization, 65% increase in risk/defect tracking and 100% compliance with defect resolution and control.

-       Legal entity reduction program resulting in 10% fewer legal entities and FTE reduction of 7.75 FTE from consolidation elimination.

-       Executed 3 programs and 2 projects for the Office of the CEO with total savings of $1.872MM

♦       Key Projects for the Office of The COO

-       Optimization and cost reduction of the Records Management Optimization Utilizing 3rd Party Outside Storage resulting in a $1.476MM Savings on efficiency increase of 58%.

-       New customer account opening and retention optimization initiative resulting in new account opening cycle time reduction of 66% and a new customer retention improvement by 82%.

-       Executed 7 programs and 23 projects for the Office of the COO with a total savings of $2.808MM

♦       Key Projects for Accounting & Finance (ACFI)

-       Domestic Stock Loan P&L defect reduction initiative resulting in a 72% defect reduction, a 100% increase in defect documentation and tracking, as well as a 100% defect resolution rate for identified and tracked defects.

-       Closing Process and Control Implementation initiative resulting in the removal of 100% of process breaks, cycle time reduction of 50% and the reduction of 1 FTE whom was reallocated to another area.

-       Manual entry reduction initiative resulting in 23% less manual entries on a daily basis and 62% less manual entries on a monthly basis.

-       Executed 11 programs and 44 projects for ACFI with a total savings of $5.055MM

♦       Key Projects for Operations Contributions (OPER)

-       Global Equity’s and Derivatives Broker Fee program resulting in a reduction of 41% reduction in Fee over payments, the avoidance of a $100,000 internal IT development and a reconciliation savings of 1.25.

-       Network Management Optimization program which resulting in a 25% reduction in network and 3rd party fee’s.

-       Executed 4 programs and 35 projects for OPER with a total savings of $3.370MM

♦       Key Projects for Information Technology (ITEC & GTS)

-       Software Licensing & Inventory Management program delivering 75% cost savings.

-       Center Operational Efficiency & Design program resulting in the deployment of a new data center, coming in under budget by 15%, program delivery 3 months ahead of schedule and a 5.5 day reduction on installing new hardware.

-       Executed 9 programs and 41 projects for ITEC & GTS with a total savings of $5.617MM

HSBC Bank USA, North America – New York, New York

First Vice President – Business Transformation (10/2005 to 1/2008)

Responsible for process improvement and business transformation initiatives within Operations, Information Technology and Strategic Sourcing functions.

Selected Contributions:

♦       Developed the three-year North American Strategic & Operational Plan for ’06-’08.

♦       Key program highlights include reducing operating expenses by $12M, decreased telecommunications costs by $12.5M, and $15.5M reduction in T&E expenses, launched the first imaging and workflow operation, reduced the new mortgage onboarding time by 66% and by 1.3 FTE, standardized & optimized the end-to-end REO process resulting in eliminating the need for 7 new hires, executed the 2006 Server Sunset program realizing $1.325MM in hardware/software savings for redundant and expiring systems.

♦       Designed and implemented the first Six Sigma/Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification program.


Flagstar Bank – Troy, Michigan

Project Coordination Manager (5/2004 to 10/2005)

Designed and launched a new Project Management Organization (PMO) for this community bank with 165 banking centers across Michigan, Indiana, and Georgia.

Selected Contributions:

♦       Implemented a new standardized PMO resulting in a 85% improvement in project deliverables and 33% cycle time reduction.

♦       Implemented the first standardized vendor selection and management processes to include RFI, RFP, and RFQ through final vendor contracting and management resulting in vendor cost reductions of 43%.

♦       Key programs include the implementation of an interactive voice recognition system, CRM system, imaging and workflow system, as well as the design / implementation of an online mortgage application and approval system that reduced average total cycle time from application to final decision by 68%.


Ford Motor Company – Livonia, Michigan

Global Metrics & Special Projects Manager (5/1999 to 5/2004)

Served as the Global Operational Metrics Department Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt for Ford’s Customer Service Division (FCSD).

Selected Contributions:

♦       Manager for FCSD PS&L global metrics team supervising full time and contract employees.

♦       Executed the $300M Phoenix Depot Expansion program, the $300M Materials Management & Transportation Redeployment program, and the $300M Business Technology Renewal Initiative (a joint development between Ford Motor Company, CAT Logistics, and SAP) utilizing Six Sigma & DFSS methodologies and techniques.

♦       Key Six Sigma BB projects include the PS&L data warehousing program, CRM design & implementation program, PRC warehouse management efficiency and defect reduction program, stock picking and inventory efficiency project, PRC to depot shipping and warehousing accuracy initiative the PRC receiving to shipping operational efficiency program.

♦       Executed over 25 projects in IT & Supply Chain Management realizing over $75MM in hard and soft savings.

Education and Credentials

Master of Science, Information Technology· Walsh Business College – Troy, Michigan – Magna cum Laude

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration· Michigan State University – East Lansing, Michigan

Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) Certified / Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) Certified

BPM Certified Process Professional (CPP) Certified


Professional Associations

Project Management Institute (PMI) | American Society for Quality (ASQ) | Operational Excellent (OPEX), North American & Europe | Change Management Institute


Program/Project Management Proficiencies

Continuous Performance Improvement – Lean Management, TQM, Activities Based Costing, BPI, BPR, TPM, ISO, BPM/EBPM, Change Management, Lean Project Management (PDCA), RIP/Workout, 8D, DMAIC (light & Full), QFD, DOE, IDOV, DMADV, DCOV, TRIZ, Kaizen (all three levels)

Project Management – PLC, Agile, SDLC, Waterfall, Iterative, RAD, Extreme Programming, JAD, Prototyping (Throwaway, Evolutionary, Incremental, Extreme), Extreme Project Management, Prince 2


Technical Proficiencies

Expertise in Windows, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), SAS JMP, Minitab, Igrafix, and Sigma Flow software suites as well as server hardware and software, web development software and languages, and network technology, including VOIP and telecommunications. Experienced with process modeling and BPM software suites; possess general knowledge of databases and SQL. Owner of the Caliber and Test Director requirements and UAT testing suites.