From An Employers Perspective
The global market is becoming more and more competitive every day and business leaders understand that in order to stay in business and remain competitive, they need to have a firm control over their day to day operations and associated costs. They also need to develop new, faster and better ways of providing and supporting their products and services. In order to accomplish this, they have realized they need to obtain and retain skilled employees who possess C.P.I. skillsets. The problem for them is that to train current employees is a time consuming and expensive task. In addition, there is a level of lost productivity while employees are in training and a learning curve that must be overcome. As such, the optimal solution for most companies is to hire already trained and certified individuals. By hiring externally, companies bring in high quality talent without the associated costs or loss in daily productivity. This provides an instant win/win situation for both the person being hired as well as for the company who realizes an immediate ROI.

From A Candidates Perspective
  • If you are a college intern or recent graduate looking for a position in the current job market there is a lot of competition. By having the additional credentials as a C.P.I. professional, you will “stand out” from your peers who do not have these credentials thereby giving you that competitive edge to obtain the position you are pursuing.
  • If you are an existing employee looking to get that job promotion, having one or more C.P.I. credentials demonstrates that you have the additional knowledge and tools to be able to be successful in a more senior position and lead the company to a more efficient and cost effective organization.
  • If you are looking to make an industry transition, the biggest hurdle you face is lack of experience in the new industry. As C.P.I. techniques and approaches are universal, you reduce the hiring resistance faced when bringing these skillsets.
  • If you are looking to transition from a military career to a civilian career your leadership skills gained while in the service in conjunction with C.P.I. skillsets make you a highly desirable job candidate giving you the extra “edge” to obtain the job you are pursuing.
From A Financial Perspective
  • Green Belt’s can earn $125,000*
  • Black Belt’s can earn $150,000*
  • Master Black Belt’s can earn $180,000*
*Average hiring salaries we have seen. Does not include bonuses or regional cost of living adjustments